Thursday, May 24, 2007

What a Weird Week

1. The monster headache started on Sunday and lasted until Wednesday. The urgent care doc I saw on Monday night AGAIN thought it was sinus related, even though I'd had no symptoms, just a mildly red throat. He took a throat culture (since Colin had strep the week before) which of course later was negativo. He did ask lots of questions to rule out serious stuff like meningitis or brain hemorrhage. I really just felt so bad and nauseated, I was happy to leave with my darvocet, phenergan, and Z-pack prescriptions.

2. I went and saw my GP today, and after listening to my spiel, he said, "Sounds like a migraine to me. Everything you're saying is lighting up bells in my head." Thank you! I left with some migraine-aborter samples in case this ever happens again, "to make it a couple of hour's ordeal instead of a couple of day's ordeal." Thank you! I love my doctor. He's the same guy who sewed me up after that dog bit my face, and he has a great bedside manner.

3. After my appointment, I was prepared to go to work and get busy trying to catch up on my own appointments. Instead, I got a phone call that the clinic was closing due to toxic fumes coming from the renovation of the office next door to ours. Apparently, something they put on the floors smelled worse than mitaban dip and was giving everyone headaches. I definitely didn't need one of those. They were canceling all the appointments, and transferring the hospitalized patients to another clinic. So, none of us are making any money, but Woo-Hoo! A gift of a day off!

4. Today was the last day of kindergarten for Anna. It seemed as momentous as the first, only I didn't cry. It's trite, but I can't believe the year went by so fast! Her teacher gave her a book as a good-bye gift, and she read it without hesitation first time through to her brother in the back seat.

5. Nothing like the last day of school for getting all your summer childcare plans nailed down. Actually, I have investigated other avenues, but they didn't pan out. Colin's Montessori school has an abbreviated summer program they can get into the 3 days a week I am at work. Abbreviated as in June and July only. The Montessori program starts again at the beginning of August. Great for Colin, but Anna's public school has pushed back their start date next year to August 28th! Next year will end in June, but this year they get an extended summer vacation. Looks like our family vacation will be in August, then we'll figure something out for das elder.

6. Fortunately, my migraine ended in time for me to make a swanky corporate dinner at Truluck's. I know physicians get wined and dined by drug companies all the time, but since the veterinary arm of their company is a literal drop in the bucket, we don't see much in the way of pampering. The food was fabulous, they kept the wine glasses 3/4 full (way too much), and the speaker was actually good, too. I say, bring on the drunken bribing! But, can I bring my husband, too, so he won't be so jealous?


get2eric said...

Glad you're better. I've been to Truluck's here in Houston and it is superb.
Anna impressed Nana and me with her reading skills. She sounded out and then pronounced properly 'absolutely'.

EdamameMommy said...

Oh good, I'm glad you've got help for your head. Thanks for all the updates.

Emily said...

I had a feeling it was migraines. Glad you're feeling better.

ColeBugsmommy said...

I hope your Memorial Day weekend was great!

paula said...

Hope you are feeling a lot better now XX

Dana said...

What would we do without Dr. Nugent??? He's awesome.