Thursday, May 03, 2007


Here's my 5-question interview from ChickenFlicken.

1- If you weren't a veterinarian, what would you be?
This is easy - I just answered a very similar question on my sister's blog. I think I'd go medical again - a physician. Nothing other than medicine seems important enough - important enough to dedicate your life to, to spend time away from your family, or as important to the patients - they really need you, and they need you to be your best.

If I was in a different field, maybe I would be a chef? But, it's so demanding, so much pressure, and the hours totally suck. I much prefer to be my family's personal chef, as an avocation. Travel writing would be great. I was rereading my stuff from our last European trip, and it is so easy to be inspired to write when so much new stuff is happening all around you.

2- Let's say you could be a male for a couple of days...what male-centric things would you just HAVE to do?

I would pee outside all the time. I hate that as a woman I have to stop, find a bathroom, and strip half naked just to pee. Maybe it's because I drink so much water (and also tea, coffee, wine...) If I were a man, I'd be whipping it out all the time. Other than that, I don't know. What else do guys predominantly do? Belch and fart? Oogle women?

3- Mindy's question...what's one thing you'd like to teach your (beautiful and intelligent) daughter to prepare her for adulthood?

This is tough, because you gave such a good answer. I guess I'd want to impress upon her how important the decisions she makes in the first 20-25 years on her life are. It pays to do well scholastically. Choose a career that will inspire you, reward you financially, and that you can grow with. It is important to be kind to others, but don't be a push over. Don't ever let a boy/man decide what you are worth. Choose friends and partners who admire you and believe in you, and that you feel the same way about.

4- If I'm coming to Texas to visit - whatcha gonna show me? (Besides your snazzy backyard and your spectacular chef skills...)
I'd definitely show you my chickens!

Texas is a big place, so let's just say for the sake of time I'll show you the Austin area. Food is definitely a top priority - so after my homemade breakfast of farm fresh eggs, we'd go to Chuy's for a TexMex lunch, and maybe the Salt Lick for a Texas barbecue dinner. We'd go downtown to see the Capitol building and the Whole Foods Flagship store - it's amazing. We'd watch the turtles while we canoe on Town Lake. If it's hot, we'll cool off in spring-fed Barton Creek or Deep Eddy Pool. At the end of the day, we'd watch the largest urban free-tailed bat colony in the world fly out from under the Congress avenue bridge at sunset, then go for drinks and some live music.

Clearly, with all this stuff, you need to come for at least a week.

5- You just won $68 million dollars from a lottery ticket that you bought just for the fun of it. What's the first thing you buy?
A year-long globe-spanning trip for me and my family. Man, it would be great to travel leisurely and not have to limit ourselves to one small region. I love Europe, but I'd also like to see Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, India, Turkey, Egypt, Alaska, Canada, Brazil, Costa Rica...

Then, maybe when I got back, I'd buy myself a big, fancy vet clinic.

OK, folks, if any of you'd like a 5-question interview, drop me a line.


EdamameMommy said...

I would ask for one, but I'm a little guilt-ridden that I never replied to your request for answers to that looooooooooong music meme thing (your answers were great, and had me in stitches. I think I was intimidated by your recall of 80s lyrics and stuff...) but if you are willing to give me a chance, I bet I could manage to answer just 5 q's.

ChickenFlicken said...

I would definitely be peeing EVERYWHERE if I suddenly had a penis. That would be first on my list.

Great answers, too! I'm coming to Austin!

Leah said...

How funny...I was going to say the same thing edamamemommy said. umm....okay send me just 5 not so deep questions. (my mind doesn't think deep)...I will try this one and see if I can come up with good answers. Thanks for the second chance.

Joey said...

Send questions to me, too. I'll try not to take a whole month to answer them:)

Krispy said...

peeing is also on my list - what freedom that must be!

Dana said...

Ask me 5 questions...go ahead. I dare you. I might just surprise you. I usually surprise people.