Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Medical Day

I had my baseline mammogram today. It wasn't as bad as I'd heard. It was pretty funny how the very professional radiology tech placed my boob on the tray and spread it out. She was gentle, indifferent, practiced. Like a baker flipping out a piece of dough to make it rise prettily. Only this bun went flat.

After the films were taken, I asked if I could look at them. Amazing! I love everything about digital radiology - films are instantly available, electronically transportable, and use less radiation to produce.

Later in the afternoon, Anna had a recheck with her dermatologist. She got a good report.

Not to be outdone, Colin started vomiting today at school. Since my phone intermittently rings silently, Anthony saved the day and picked him up. He's barfed a few times at home, too, but always in the bucket. What a trooper.


Marion said...

I hope Colin is feeling better, what a Trooper making it to the bucket every time.
Love you Colin

Emily said...

Glad the mammo was easier than feared.
Poor Colin! Throwing up is never fun.

EdamameMommy said...

Something about my sister getting a mammo makes me feel like we are truly getting OLDer. Funny timing of your radiology post and my dream job on Em's blog. Interesting.

Yeah for Anna and awh for Colin. Puking is no fun.

Eric said...

Was it something he ate that didn't agree with him, or what?

Jennifer said...

Fortunately, Colin's vomiting was very short lived. He went to bed early, then woke up this morning VERY PERKY! Seems to have made a full recovery.

EdamameMommy said...


Leah said...

OH MY GOD!!! thanks for the laugh. I loved the--"baker flipping out a piece of dough to make it rise prettily" comment. So now when I go to get my mammogram I will be thinking of this. How am I going to explain my out burst of laughter? I am still in denial about my dr. telling me it was time for mine.