Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Thanks for all the get well wishes

We are recovered from our weekend virus. I did have a major sneaky recurrence of nausea this morning, which fortunately passed by the time I had to do surgery, but made the morning commute particularly unpleasant.

I kept Anna home from school on Monday, since late into the night before she'd been running a fever. It soon became clear that she had already made a full recovery. As we drove Colin to school, she asked if her dad was going to work that day. "Yep," I said. "Then, it'll be just us girls!" she concluded excitedly.

Mondays are the day of the week I actually do a lot of stuff around the house - like ALL the laundry, majority of the grocery shopping, as well as run errands, etc. I took the opportunity to show Anna all the things I do to keep the house running. First, she made a list of all the things we needed to do. She helped me move the first load of laundry from the washer to the dryer, and asked me if we were done, if she could cross it off the list! Ha! After we put one load of laundry away, she was ready to go to the store, but we hadn't made the grocery list yet - she gamely helped me with figuring out what we needed to buy and what we were going to eat, but she didn't think it was going to be so much work! She was good company and was helpful, and we did get all our "chores" done in time to do some fun errands, too, like pick up a new bathing suit after returns at Target, and stop for a coffee before we picked up Colin. She gave me a spontaneous hug at Starbucks, thanking me for being her mom. Sigh! what a moment.

During this exciting domestic day, Anna got to wear her prized new flip-flops from Auntie Steph ALL DAY. They are adorable: pink, with a little flower that the stem goes up between the toes. She's been wanting to wear them on many occasions when I insist that she wear more sturdy, sensible shoes. Another good lesson for her on Monday - by the time we strolled through Target her pinky started rubbing the leather, and she was gimping around the store, surprised at how much her beautiful shoes were hurting her.

Anna showed Colin her sore pinky when we picked him up, and said, "These shoes are kinda girly, huh Mommy? They're pink and fancy with this stem that goes up the middle. I don't think boys wear flip flops."

Colin said, "No, they just wear shoes."


Emily said...

What a good lesson day! I wish I had Anna to help me with my errands.

Joey said...

I like to think that God gives us some illnesses on purpose - to force us to slow down, take some time off, spend time with the family. Granted, it's not fun being sick, but usually there's that recovery time (like Monday for you) that is pretty good quality time with the family.