Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Two Work Stories

At work last week, some of the staff were complaining about some children creating a ruckus in the waiting room. Most of our staff are not "kid people" but they are fine with normal children. These girls were running around and smacking the fish tank. Now, my son has done that on occasion, but I do correct him. These girls were old enough to know better and were doing it repeatedly.

I went into an exam room to examine a cat. Speaking to the owner, there was suddenly pounding on the door. "Sorry," the girl said, "I'm babysitting today, so I had to bring them with me." So, the naughty children were with her!

"Oh, do you want them to come in the room?" I asked.

"Oh no," she said, "That would be too distracting."

All I can say is, glad she's not my babysitter!

Later, I examined a little dog who had some cuts from being out all night. He was okay; he just had some minor abrasions and was lame from a blister on his foot pad.

"Did he sneak out and party all night?" I asked jokingly. Then, I got the whole story.

The couple who owned the dog were pet sitting for their parents. The parents' house was burglarized, and the burglar took this small friendly dog with him. A neighbor saw a suspicious truck in the driveway, and gave the description of the truck to the police later when they investigated. Another person reported a suspicious person in the same truck came up to their house, asking for a bogus person, and then left. The couple searched for their dog all night, then after hearing about the second near-victim the next morning, started searching in that neighborhood for the dog.

Luckily, they found him on that street, about 5 miles away from their house. They said they were more upset about the dog being taken than the burglary, since the stuff could be replaced, but not their precious pooch.

They decided to get their dog a microchip in case he ever got out again. They were a little disappointed to find out it didn't have GPS capabilities - like looking up a website to see where your dog is! In reality, you have to have a handheld scanner and run it over the animal to get the microchip number, then call the company to see to whom the animal belongs. I like the GPS idea, though.

I prescribed a pain reliever, neosporin, and a nap for everyone involved.


Leigh-Ann said...

There's a GPS dog collar for sale at Amazon (the "Global Pet Finder GPS Tracking Device for Pets"), and the company is supposed to be working on the same thing (but I think they have financial problems). It is a good idea, though!

Emily said...

Wow. What an incredible story. I'm glad they got their dog back, and yes, GPS in those tracking chips would be awesome!
As for the unruly kids, that drives me crazy, too! I have complete compassion for women on planes with crying newborns, but misbehaving kids with no supervision drive me nuts. It's up to the parents (or their caregiver) to teach them the correct behavior.

Leigh-Ann said...

Would it be ethical to use some sort of small tranquilizer dart on kids running around unsupervised?

Jess said...

GPS on a dog - interesting! Good idea for Claudio! That cat is definitely a fighter cat! hahaha!

Yeah, talk about BAD babysitter! Jeez, she needs to be fired!

paula said...

How about a GPS device for small unruly kids that run off in large supermarkets? ... just a thought.

paige said...

Your blog entrys are the best!