Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Summer Holiday Weekend

With this holiday and my current schedule, I have 4 1/2 days off in a row! I am really enjoying them, knowing soon I will be going into work 6 days a week the rest of July (although some of them will be half days).

Monday we went to my dear Uncle Tom's cabin (literally!) on Lake LBJ. My parents had come all the way from El Paso to stay a few days with him, so we couldn't miss an opportunity to see them when they were only 1 hour away. Tom took us all for lunch to his favorite TexMex restaurant (The Tamale King!) and then took us out on his pontoon boat. The kids really enjoyed swimming in the water, jumping of the end of the boat to Nana and Grandad with their noodles. Colin also liked the "motorcycle boats" as he called the many jet-skis.

I couldn't believe it when we finally made it back to the cabin that it was 7 pm. Time does fly when your having so much family fun. So much for our plan to get back early. "Why does he have his mouth open?" Anna asked about her sleeping brother.

Today, we went to a small local lake for fishing. Well, the kids and Anthony fished. I jogged around the lake with the dog. She would've kept going, but I was hot and tired after one loop (3.1 miles!). Like an idiot, I forgot to put on sunblock, except for my face (which I always do immediately after washing it in the morning). I guess it was the overcast morning that made me forget. It seems like I have to forget once a year, just to help me believe in the power of sunblock. My fair skin is really sensitive to the sun's rays. My face, under lotion and a visor, is normal, but my arms are lobster red and radiating heat. Doh!

Tomorrow, the kids have their second swim lesson. The first one went great. Anna was eager to show off for her new teacher, and I heard several parents chuckling at her general enthusiasm. And that was before she saw her brother in a neighboring swim class, and started waving and hollering, "HI, COLIN! THAT'S MY BROTHER! HE'S MY BROTHER! HI, COLIN!"

He was happy to see her, too, but was also pleased to have found the drain in the side of the wall. "Wook, a hole!"


Grandad said...

It was so much fun at the lake with A & C on their best behaviour all day............
Sorry about the sunburn, ouch!

Thanks again for coming up to Kingsland to see us.

Oh, look at the sec code I have to type - Fnzskwka
Doesn't that look like Anna's middle name or what?

Emily said...

Sounds like a great weekend (except for the sunburn). Anna's enthusiasm for life makes me smile, too.

paula said...

Oh sounds like a great fun time, very envious. The sunburn sounds painful though XX