Sunday, July 16, 2006


"Where's Batana, Mommy?" Colin asked today at the breakfast table, thinking about sweet Montana out of the blue.

Me: "Honey, she's gone. She died, remember? We buried her in the backyard."

Colin: "Mommy, the Rolly-Polly's eat her?"

Me: "Yes, the Rolly-Polly's are eating her."

Colin: "Mommy, that's bad?"

Me: "No, its okay, she's not using her body anymore."

Colin: "The Rolly-Polly's hurt her?"

Me: "No, she's dead, she can't feel them."

Then we all talked a little about how great Montana was, and how much I miss her, everyday. I got a little teary, and Colin said,

"Mommy, you go to your room?"

(When the kids cry and throw a fit, we send them to their bedrooms. I don't know where he got the Rolly-Polly idea.)


EdamameMommy said...


Jess said...

Colin is absolutely precious. Montana is missed everyday by everyone - she was an amazing dog.

Emily said...

Aw. It's so tough trying to explain death to adults, much less little people. Maybe Colin needs a book about Montana, like the one I made for Anna about Terlingua.

Lisa said...

Very sweet post. Sometimes you get interesting little glimpses into their wee brains.

Last week I read a new library book to the girls for the first time and unexpectedly found myself crying halfway through it. Ruby was a little freaked out by my reaction, and didn't seem reassured when I said that I was touched by the sadness and strength in the story. The next time I read it to them, I had to promise not to cry. In case you are curious, the book is "Miss Bridie Chose a Shovel" by Leslie Conner. It is a wonderful story with beautiful illustrations by Mary Azarian.
Anyway, I almost had to go my room, too.


What a sweet conversation! I think you did a good job explaining death to Colin. I mean, you can't get too complex with a little guy! =)
But, that still doesn't help the fact that we all miss Montana dearly. She was a terrific dog.


Jennifer said...

Emily, we would love such a book!

People at my work miss Montana, too. A client who met her last fall asked me about her and was shocked and sad to hear that she was gone. I feel exactly the same.

angie said...

Just wait until the kids want to go dig up her body. It's been five years since we buried our cat Scruffy out back in the woods, and at least once per year my kids think it would be neat to see "if she's composted yet."