Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Chicken Seminar

On Sunday we went to a chicken seminar at our local organic farm. It was meant for people interested in raising backyard chickens, and people who already have them were also encouraged to attend. It brought out all kinds of "Austin weird" people (some smelled better than others). In addition to chicken husbandry, they discussed the dilemna of what to feed your hens: is organic feed shipped from New England better, or would it be better to give them potentially genetically modified stuff that doesn't put so many hydrocarbons in the atmosphere (also half the cost)?

My kids enjoyed seeing the many chickens and also wallowing in the dirt.

Filthy Colin

Anna and dinosaur

Maybe while we're in this mini dust bowl, we could share some peanuts and dirt for a snack?


Emily said...

Colin and dirt. I have pictures of him looking similarly from a year or so ago. He just doesn't mind it, but then if he gets too much food on his hands, you better wipe them quick!

Grandad said...

Your kids have such kissable mushies even if they're dirty!
What did you learn about chickens?


What's the fun of being a kid if you can't get dirty every now and then?

Cute, pictures, Jenn!


Leigh-Ann said...

I would love to go to a chicken seminar! I don't know if I recognize a theme, but if you go to shows for exotic birds, like parrots, you find lots of weird people, too. We see people at bird shows who look as though they live in an alley, yet they'll have a $15000 macaw perched on their shoulder.

paula said...

I love it when they get their faces all dirty like that, it is just what being a kid is all about.