Saturday, October 29, 2005

Walking home from the Park

Although I generally dislike living in the suburbs (too far of a commute, don't feel like we fit in much with our neighbors), there are some perks. We live walking distance from two parks -- toddler walking distance. After I got home from work today, the kids started clamoring for "Dinosaur Park." There are lots of slides and rock climbing walls and a relief picture of a dinosaur skeleton (hence the name).

Anthony took this on zoom from our backyard as we walked home:

This is another perk that keeps us from moving: behind our house is a huge field, basically public park land, and we only have a neighbor on one side. The view from our backdoor is trees.

Colin had a fever and got a little tired on the way home, and said, "Hold you..." Anna, though, is still running.

Here I am, supervising everyone coming in the back gate.

Sweet Montana, wearing a Halloweenie bandana.


Grandad said...

What a lovely bunch. The nice weather across the country was enjoyed by everyone we spoke with today from Nevada to Florida.......
You all look like you had a good walk and Anna still had all that energy after going all the way to Dinosaur Park.
Nice pics of a great venue......

paula said...

Really appreciate the pics Jenn, they are so lovely - bet you had a fabulous time. Isn't it a refreshing change being able to actually walk to the park rather than having to drive.

Anonymous said...

Those are great pictures,Jenn. I love all the little blonde heads bouncing around...and Montana looks wonderful...she's such a sweetie!


Aunty Norma. said...

THAT is a typical Family photo (with Daddy TAKING the pic) lovely...I could even feel the air on my face...:o) Uncle Noel used to take Chris and Debbie down to the woods when they were about Annas' age and they all came back rosy cheeked and tired..ahhh I'm glad that you are all appreciating your kiddies,Jenn.whilst they are little 'cos..old adage: "they soon grow up" xx