Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bibbity Bobbity BOO!

I got this email from the room mom at Colin's school. We get an email at least once a week from her since there is something different going on every week, unlike Anna's school which is always exactly the same, every week, no matter what, every season, so damn consistent you almost wish something new would happen.

Anyway, here's the email (various fun references to the local college football team deleted):

Story time Tues. the 18th. :

1. Don't forget your money(50 cents) for the little pumpkins

they'll be getting.

2. Ms. Sing-Songy-Voice Teacher (not her real name) had an awesome idea for the kids. On Tues. when they get their pumpkins she's going to put them away, so you won't

actually be getting the pumpkin that day. Instead, she's going to
have them plant pumpkin seeds Tues.. Then on Thursday she'll place a
pumpkin over the spot they planted their seed so they'll think it
grew. Cool, huh?

Uh, I guess its cool if I want him to believe in magic and have no sense of real time. Please, he gets too much exposure to that crap from all the Dora he wants to watch.

(Anthony and I have been on a real anti-Dora kick the last few weeks. I guess Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother are just as bad. Santa is coming in a few months, too. I guess there is no escape.)

(Except at Anna's consistent school they planted real pumpkin seeds weeks ago and the kids are still waiting for them to grow, in the meantime they take turns watering them every day).

(Methinks too many parenthetical thoughts today. Hope they provide appropriate cheeky tone.)


EdamameMommy said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Thank you so much for the laughs, my tummy hurts. BTW, we are progressing slowly from Dora into worse imaginative play territory...Little Bear and The Backyardigans. I cannot get than damn Backyardigans song out of my head today. Make it stop, Tyrone!!!!

BTW, I do think that is a shitty idea. She must be out of her gourd. ;}

Auntie Norma said...

..I would ask "What IS the Woman ON?" good grief,Jenn.it's quite unbelievable...crazy I call it..I am quite sure little kiddies are not THAT gullible even at Colins' age..xx

paula said...

How bizarre is that woman!!! Wouldn't you think she would want them to understand about planting seeds and watching things grow?! It makes me laugh when people talk to Luke in that sing songy voice still using "baby speak", Luke looks as them as if they are mad and usually pipes up with "whadda ya mean?". I have really had to start clamping down on the tv as well, one of Richard's colleagues at work gave him a Barney the Dinosaur DVD for Luke IT IS DRIVING US INSANE!!!! Also, it's embarrassing when I am out and about and realise I'm singing theme tunes to his programs. IT HAS TO STOP!!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, that's TOTALLY wacky! Little kids catch on to things better than we know... pretending that a pumpkin can grow over night is lying to the kids!

Talk about bringing the Cinderella movie to life....I'd prefer if the whole mind set of Cinderella and her oversized,pretend pumpkin stayed in my TV.

On the other hand, I love Anna's school's approach to growing a REAL pumpkin......that teaches little kids patience AND gives them the pleasure of watching thier pumkin plant grow.

I believe "Sing-Song Lady" has fallen off her rocker!

NO, I don't have an opion about this. Not at all. *sarcastic laugh*


Julie said...

That teacher sounds like a freak!

Emily said...

Ha ha ha...I enjoyed reading all the comments as much as post!

Anonymous said...

whooppppssssss....mispelled - opinion.............


Library Lady said...

In the quaint vernacular of my people: FEH!

That woman obviously has watched one too many "Barney" episodes. Singy-songy voice and all....

Jack & Jill said...

Jennifer: This is Jill Ereira and I was directed to your Blog by Eric and Beverly. It's good to learn of your life these days and to see photos of you and your beautiful children. You are Blessed. We look forward to cruising with your parents and to hearing more about your days between Midland and now. Jack & Jill