Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mixed Metaphor

Colin said, today after we dropped Anna off at school, "Look, Mommy, a MOTORCYCLE!"

There was a big black Harley, decked out with black leather.

"Ooh," said Colin, "PWETTY Motorcycle!"

(too much Cinderella?)


EdamameMommy said...

Hey, motorcycles can be pwetty!

Is that nearly as bad as my little angel boy bringing my bra to me after I showered and saying, "Here, Mommy's boobies"?

Jess said...

lol. How cute!

paula said...

Yes well, Luke now stands in front of the full length mirror after I dress him, twirls around saying "oooh nice, nice, look mummy bum bum" patting his behind. He has also pinched one of my old handbags (a very fetching cream coloured evening one) and insists on keeping it in the car, he places it very carefully on his arm before we go into the local supermarket and shouts "look pretty handbag". Richard is very very worried and a tad scared!!!

Aunty Norma. said...

hahaha nice stories..don't worry,Paula,THAT is very natural..gets it out of their system you see :o)so,Stephanie,you have removable boobies,then? hahaha Colin very perceptive,Jenn.just like me..misses nowt! xx

Anonymous said...

I'm back!
Thanks to Anthony's computer genius-ing(my made-up word..doesn't sound right?)...our computer is healed...and I'm back in touch with everyone! Yeah!!!!! Thanks,Anth!

Isn't it funny how little kids are so innoncent..and never get embarresed by what they say?!?

I love it!

Glad to be back.....


Emily said...

I agree, motorcycles CAN be pretty, although I prefer the sports bikes to Harleys. Maybe one of these days I'll ride down to Austin and show Colin his auntie's bike.