Sunday, October 16, 2005

Fun with Grandparents

Last weekend, my parents came for a visit, and this weekend we hosted Anthony's mom. Both the kids really had a great time reconnecting with Grandad, Nana, and Oma (as they are known in these parts). I really enjoy seeing the interaction between my kids and our parents, too. The weather was cool and sunny, so how could anyone fail to have a great time?

Here they are, enjoying a bedtime story read by my mom and dad. Usually this is Anthony's and my job, but we enjoyed using this time to get other stuff done!

Last Sunday, we all went on a canoe ride on Town Lake. It was so beautiful, and the weather was perfect. Above, you can see Anna riding with my parents, as my dad takes a picture of me, Anth, and Colin with that same swan in the foreground, below. Also check out part of the beautiful Austin skyline.

After dinner, my dad got out the guitar and sang some of our favorite songs, including, "Dream," "Little White Bull," and "My Old Man." I told Anna, just like in the Laura Ingalls books where Pa would play the fiddle every night, when I was growing up, my dad would play the guitar. Both kids were very interested in helping to strum the strings.

Then my dad got out the old Italian accordion that he bought for Anth (he can only play 1 song on it, but he plays it really well!). Colin was fascinated by the squeeze box and pressed the chord buttons over and over.

Here's a funny picture of my and my mom looking alike. Of course, we are wearing the same pants, just different colors, and visors! My mom can still share my clothes, and its her birthday today. Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Here's just a great shot of precious, pensive Colin:

And here are my cutie-pies today, watching My Neighbor Totoro before we went out.


Jess said...

Oh my goodness! Colin and Anna look so grown up! Both of them look so much older! I can't believe how different they look! Great pictures! The swan is awesome!!!! Canoe rides are so much fun!

Grandad said...

What a nice week end. Thanks for posting the pics. Too bad I couldn't click fast enough to capture the 6 swans hanging over the canoe side close to Anna thinking she was gonna fee them. At least we got that straggler!

Gramps said...

oops.feed them, of course. Sorry!

paula said...

Happy birthday aunty Bev!!!! My mum is 70 on the 19th (can you believe it!). Thanks for posting those fabulous pics Jenn, they are really great. I love the one of Uncle Eric playing the squeeze box, it reminded me of when dad had one on loan from somebody (can't remember who), anyway he did his best with it (bless him) but eventually we made him give it back as it sounded like somebody was being strangled very very slowly, also it terrified our dog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone for a lovely birthday - I received calls all day long and many with voices singing to me! Happy Birthday, Dot! Can't believe I'm 59 and next year the BIG 60! Glad I can still squeeze into Jenn's togs! Bev/Mommy/Nana

Gramps said...

I'm glad Auntie Bev can still squeeze into Jenn's clobber too!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Aunt Bev! Hope you had a wonderful day. =)

The pics were excellent,Jenn!I agree with Jess, the pic of Colin and Anna watching TV is amazing! I haven't seen them in awhile,so, they look even more grown up!

Geeee.....where does time go? I can remember holding Anna as an infant,one day old, so sweet,and Colin as a little guy(4 mon.old) ,using me as a human pillow.

I finally get to be part of the "reminiscing family!" I always much I've grown....BUT know I can be on the other side, and marvel at the growth of Colin and Anna(and their sweet cousins)! =)

Funny how that cycle goes.

Loved that post,Jenn.


Anonymous said...

now....not know.



Aunty Norma. said...

Pics?....Lovely...just lovely..Happy belated Birthday,our for our Dottie..she don't look a day over 45 :o)God bless you

Emily said...

Great pictures. I love the one during reading time.
And Mommy does look great in the Jenn-look-alike outfit!