Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Today's Musings

Since I cleaned my house on Monday and worked on Tuesday, I had a lazy breakfast with the kids this morning. Finally I got them dressed and we went to our local rec center to see one of our favorite people, Ms. Anja. She is the delightful German woman who works the nursery while people like me work out. The kids adore her, and Anna brought her a picture she had drawn for her this morning of the hurricane.

While I jogged on the treadmill, I enjoyed the new MP3 Player Anthony bought (after reading a review in PC Mag comparing IPods with good quality cheaper alternatives). I realized that nearly everything he downloaded so far was British, either Yaz and Erasure in the 80's, or Coldplay and Keane from today. Oh well, it was enjoyable.

In the afternoon, Anna had her second private swim lesson with Peyton. Anna really likes her private swim lessons and always refers to them that way. We were lucky to have Peyton (a guy) as Anna's swim instructor in group lessons this summer and last summer. Peyton is a 17-year-old hottie.... who calls me ma'am. He is pretty cute and very good at motivating the little kids in his group with out talking down to them. He also can handle 5 little kids all by himself. But in the group lessons, Anna kinda zoned out, and was definitely the baby of her class. In private swim lessons, though, she has all of Peyton's attention, and she really performs. The first time he had her jumping in and doggie paddling to him at the middle of the pool. Today, he had her jumping in to deep water, swimming alone, then floating onto her back, all without assistance. I was impressed.

After swim lessons we had some Blue Bell ice cream then swam some more. What a relief no one subscribes to that silly old wives' tale about not being allowed to swim for at least 1 hour after eating. Remember that? So you wouldn't get a cramp and drown? Whatever. I remember being a kid, so ravenous after swimming I thought I'd implode, trying to decide whether to eat a couple of Doritos or just jump back in and have more fun.

We got home about 4 pm, and I put Colin down for a late nap. I woke him up about 75 minutes later, and boy was he a grumpus! If we don't do something very physical in the morning, he doesn't take a nap at all. Tonight we put him down for bed kind of late but we heard him in there, talking to himself for at least an hour. Yes, sadly, my baby is outgrowing his nap, but its not fair so I'm not really admitting it to myself. Why is it other people have children who take naps up until kindergarten? Although, I do remember being a young child, being made to take a nap and LOATHING it. And I remember going to college and having a napping renaissance. I could take a nap on any day now, except for all the things I have to do and people to care for. And if Colin doesn't nap, I don't know how I'll get anything done without resorting to hours of mind-numbing television.


EdamameMommy said...

Oh please don't tell me the naps will ever end...I will not be able to do my chores without that afternoon nap!

As for Anna and her privvy lesson with Peyton, she knows where it's at! Wuhoo Anna. Next week backflips?

Laughing at your British tunes, I have all those on my mini, too. Keane was here and in Austin in concert about 2 weeks ago, fyi.

Here are some non British groups to add
Bee Gees
Fleetwood Mac
Steely Dan
Indigo Girls
John Denver
Little River Band

EdamameMommy said...

Oh, and get Gimme Some Sugar by Trick Daddy!

Emily said...

I'm glad Anna is enjoying her private swim lessons. Thanks for including the picture, but it's too far away to see what a hottie Peyton is! :-)

It's ironic how as kids we dreaded naps and as adults we crave them.

Anonymous said...

Anthony printed out that pic of Anna jumping into Peyton's arms....he is a hottie!
Though I'm not a mom, I understand what Jenn is saying about nap-time. When I spent the week with the kids last month, Anna looked forward to having some one-on-one time - without Colin. We most often played "Doctor Bears"
( BYW:Anna was a very good doctor) with our playdough creations...or relaxed on the couch for a movie.

That sacred nap-time will be missed when it's gone! =)


Jess said...

Peyton is gorgeous! Trust me I would know, he sat two rows over and three seats back from me in Calculus class!!! (Yes, I
Anna and I so look forward to Colin's naps because that's when we work on her book. It's nice spedning time with Anna one-on-one! Even on the days when Colin doesn't nap, we usually have time to get in some time because Colin is such a happy little guy in his crib! They are both so good and fun!