Friday, July 08, 2005


Yesterday's high was 104. It was another unbearably hot day. But then, after dinner, we had a sudden Texas thunderstorm. It rolled in quickly, with big huge droplets, and wind that tossed the tree tops around. There was lots of lightning and thunder, or "Punder!" as Colin proclaimed after every rumble. We went on the porch to watch it for a while (it has been so long since it rained) but then the blowing spray kind of scared Colin, and it was bedtime, so we went in.

The wet weather cooled things off like a Nestea plunge - today's high was only 94!

However, the cleansing rain doesn't erase the sadness I feel over the recent bombings in London. New York, Madrid, London -- all noble cities I have visited and loved their distinct personalities. All cities in which I have blithely used their magnificent public transportation. Some of the tube stations in London are Victorian. The city is un-navigable by car. The tube is celebrated on T-shirts, postcards, and coffee mugs.

What kind of desperation and misguided hate drives such depraved acts against innocent people? What really will stop terrorism?


Anonymous said...

We had that same T-Storm too! There was an incredible show of lightening!!!!!!! It was good to FINALLY get some much need rain,though! Love you all - Bevie-

Grandad said...

Wish I could hear Col say 'punder'