Wednesday, July 06, 2005

In the midst of it all

Monday night Anthony accidentally made FULLY CAFFEINATED espresso, but it was so lovely and frothy and tempting, I drank it anyway. A few hours later I lay in bed, exhausted but not sleeping.

I started driving home yesterday at 4:30 (that's my early day - ha!) and I got very drowsy. When I got home my family attacked me -- they'd all missed me, but I had to get dinner underway. At one point, Anthony was hugging me, whispering suggestive nothings in my ear, Colin was literally tugging on my pants, asking me to play "bah-ge-boll," and Anna was whining, "Mah-MEEEEE! I really need you!" I felt like a hard roll that had been given to the seagulls after a long picnic, and I was being tossed around while little bits of me were pecked off.

"Hey, guys, stop it! You're all yelling at me!" I told them. Anthony said, "Sorry, Mommy, but you're the center of our world." Sometimes that's a wonderful place to be. Sometimes, its like being the hot molten center, crushing under all that gravity, about to erupt at any moment!


Emily said...

I've witnessed the frenzy of joy and the magnetizing effect you have on your family when you come home after a day at work. They just love you to pieces!

Beth said...

Hi Jennifer!

i found your blog through Susan's.

It sounds like your family really loves you... that's great! i know my little world would fall apart without my mom... don't know how she does it!

i'm a highschool senior and would like to be either an equine or large animal vet. So far i've checked out Auburn, Cornell, and the University of Illinios and any advice or pearls of wisdom you choose to bestow on an aspiring highschool student would be much appreciated!

my e-mail is
Best of luck with your practice, Beth

Anonymous said...

Your family does love you. When I was over babysitting last week, the most exciting part of the day was when mommy came home!This was admist all the fun activities we had been doing - but nothing compares to mom! -Bevie-

Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet Jenn, now you know the perils of Mommy-hood. Wish I could tell you some pearls of wisdom, but alas, you have to learn them for yourself. Know that you are loved, it is good and life will never be this good again, but it will repeat itself over and over again to you throughout your life! Enjoy the moment, because that is what your life is all about. Speaking from experience - your loving Mother........P.S. I still re-experience the time we left you on the door-step of your University and ... felt like our hearts were being ripped out of our chests. Love is NEVER_ENDING......... :)

EdamameMommy said...

uh huh. I second that great analogy about the roll thrown to the seagulls.

Tonight Emily was wanting tips on Canada, Paige was on my lap clammering for wine before I'd even had a sip (she ended up spilling it all over us both, and I sacrificed my shirt by leaning in to save the couch), Graham was running a 102 fever and whining, and Al was trying to carry on a conversation with me because he had just returned home from out of town. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHhhhhh!

Library Lady said...

I understand completely. Some days I'd like to be a little LESS needed!
It does get a bit easier as time goes on, at least as far as the kids are concerned. The cats are another matter....