Sunday, July 24, 2005

Pizza Pie

I wanted to post something tonight for you loyal fans, but I am a little tired, so a few pics will have to suffice. Tonight we made pizzas on the grill, just a little inspired by Steph's recent trip and pizzas. Both kids helped me make the dough, Anna with the 1 cup measure, Colin with the half cup, dumping the flour into the KitchenAid. Anna rolled a pizza dough for her pepperoni pizza practically all by herself. Below are the adult pizzas - on the left, prosciutto and sage (homegrown) and goat cheese (from the Farmer's Market Saturday), and on the right, sweet red bell pepper and onion (we grew both) and chicken portobella sausage and parmegiano reggiano (we bought from Costco). Delicioso!

Hey, Anth, we really should make pizze alla griglia next time the folks from Seattle come!

While we grilled (it is a team effort) the kids played in the sandbox and Claudio slept under the little Mexican White Oak.

Here's a little garden shot of the peppers -after tonight's harvest - with rain cistern in the background.


EdamameMommy said...

How funny, we made pizza (again) tonight, too. I took a coupla pics of Paige rolling out her own dough. She was so into it. Especially sprinkling the flour.

Too pooped to post to the blog myself. Thanks for making the effort. You are such an overachiever.

Daddy said...

While PeterPiperPizza is good and is made with quality ingredients, your pizzas look awesome and the custom ingredients make one's gob slather!
I'll have a little mushroom on mine please.

Anonymous said...

I'll second Daddy's comment! Love, M

Emily said...

Thanks for posting even though you're tired. You know I check almost daily to hear what's going on in your life! Great pictures, but where are the kids? (I miss them.)

Jess said...

Your pizzas look delicios!!! I am so jealous!!! Yummy! I love pizza!