Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last NaBloPoMo for the Thankful Month

This is our Thanksgiving Tree from last Thursday.  Anna made the construction paper leaves, and Colin got the branch from the tree in our back yard.  Everyone, young and old, took a leaf or two and wrote something they were thankful for.

The good health of my husband

My mom and dad.  I miss them.

For my dogs, Ruby and Gus

I am thankful for living, talking, and friends.

My wonderful family

For Life: God, Family, Friends

All my nieces and nephews - Anna, Colin, Paige, Graham, & Evelyn

For my Niece and Bro who saved me

I am thankful for the wind

For the whole world

I'm thankful for NM in July and August!

I am thankful for friends who are more like family!

I am thankful for fun!


having a great family

all our pets!

I am thankful for my family and friends

My five grandchildren

The Food

I am thankful for Harry Potter

My family's love and support

All the good food

I am happy for the rain

For a job I love

For everyone here today

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EdamameMommy said...

That's very cool. I enjoyed your NaBloPoMo efforts. Miss you, Jenn!