Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Simon & Martin

Paul Simon was great, btw.  ( But since nobody commented here or on Facebook I guess none of you care!)  His band large and talented, and they all had great voices.  Paul played lots of old 70s stuff, lots from Graceland, and all my new favorites from the new album.

I loved the big, complicated, jamming pieces, but was most impressed when Paul Simon took the stage and sang "The Sound Of Silence,"  just his voice and his beautiful guitar.  Anthony recorded it on the iPhone (isn't it amazing how now that everyone has this ability no one seems to care if you record these events?), and hearing it later I realized how much Anthony and I were singing along.  I think I sang "backup" on all his songs, but I couldn't hear myself.  It was loud.  But I guess my neighbors could hear.  Anthony said the grumpy old guys next to him groused, "You'd think they could just listen and not sing along!"  Sorry, neighbors, we sang, and danced, too.

***Watch this space for future video upload.***


mr man said...

Paul Simon, wow. It's hard to believe he is 70. He's looked like a little old man for awhile.

People are weird at concerts. The promoters should have a section of people who expect no participation of the -goers (like at a chamber music recital), except polite applause: they could have the 7 seats behind the sound board.

Glad you had fun.
Glad you're posting. I've been harrumphing every day, so far: just to myself :-).

Anonymous said...

I saw Simon and Garfunkel in concert as a college student in 1978. It was great! What memories...Gosh, I'm old.