Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Odds and Ends

1. The police stand-off was still on going when I went to bed at 11 pm. All quiet when I got up at 6 am.

2. Colin still loves his fish. He said, "I want them to kiss me good-night." I told him fish don't do that. He put his fingers at the top of the tank, and the dalmatian mollies pecked at his fingertips.

3. I exchanged a pair of wellies (rubber boots) for a bigger size for Colin today. They are making my kitchen smell like a tire store.

4. For her bedtime story, Anna chose to read the newspaper tonight. She wanted to read about Bush showing Obama the White House, and also read about a kid who was injured by a bomb in Bagdad, and how children in Austin placed 700 little red flags on top of piles of dog doo at the city park to draw attention to the disgusting fact that most dog owners do not pick up after their dog.

5. Something really funny happened at work today, and I thought, "That's it! My blog post for tonight." Damn if I can remember it now.


Sinda said...

That dog poop story cracked me up when I heard it on NPR yesterday. I mean, I'm glad they're drawing attention to the problem, but can't they also scoop it???

Sweet Colin and his fish!

mainlyclearskies said...

I like the story about the flags on the dog poop. If people can't do something basic like picking up after their pets, why do they even have one?

I don't like that new rubber smell.

Emily said...

Colin is so sweet.

I can't believe Anna is reading the newspaper! Wow. Of course, I seem to remember there are quite a few piles of poop in your backyard. Hope she doesn't flag those!

peevish said...

I love the dog poop story. Brilliant idea!

We have to really monitor what Ruby is reading. She likes to read our local (lame, in comparison) version of the Austin Chronicle. It is called Boulder Weekly and has quite a few ads which are inappropriate for a 7 year old. She loves the political cartoons, though I'm pretty sure lots of it goes over her head.

I'm glad Colin got his fishy kisses.