Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Field Trip

I got to help with the kindergarten field trip to a local educational farm today. The weather was glorious-- sunny, cool, dry, and the kindergarteners have learn enough rules to brave the trip.

First thing we did was take a hayride to see Ostriches.

After visiting the dairy barn (by far the best part of the trip), we were ushered into the barn to watch a boring power point video of the animals on the farm. Um, we're here, so shouldn't we just go see the animals? Soon, we did, visiting typical farm animals like snakes and bearded dragons!

Then we walked around to see more traditional farm animals, like donkeys, pigs, sheep, goats, and of course, fairies.

Colin was so thrilled to have me there, giving me lots of spontaneous hugs, and also insisting on holding his buddies hand AND my hand. There was a picnic lunch, then time for posing for pictures, this one with silly faces:

It was a great cause to give up my day off.


ColeBugsmommy said...

What a great time! I went there with Cole's class last year. They went the last week of school and it was so HOT! What a beautiful day for visiting the farm, today!

mainlyclearskies said...

fairies? and bearded dragons? Wow - that's some farm! :)

Looks like it was a good day!

Emily said...

Colin's such a sweet boy. I love that he's so affectionate, and know that it won't be long until he's too embarrassed to openly hug or hold our hands!

Sounds like a fun day. But I agree with PowerPoint!