Monday, September 22, 2008

Weird Week

Our schedules are all off this week - Anna and Colin off today for teacher in-service. Anthony left for a last minute business trip. After he returns I leave for Florida for the Vet Dental Conference.

We spent today going to the park and walking to the library between loads of laundry. They asked a few times about where their dad went, and I tried to prepare them for my 4-day departure later this week. Colin doesn't even like it when house guests leave, so you can imagine how he feels about a parent leaving.

We have 2 little bookworms: Colin was quite pleased to finally get his own library card today. While I was helping Anna find books, he found two copies of what he was looking for - Peter Pan. Anna got a Beverly Cleary, a Judy Blume, a horse care book, and a picture book. She has started three books already. Most nights, I got into her room way past bedtime, and raise an eyebrow at her reading self. "Just one more page, then I'll turn out the light!" When I report this to Anthony, he says, "Sounds just like you."


Sinda said...

I'm solo this week too...we haven't even told the girls about Jesse's 18 day trip to Italy in March.

I love the reading, and can in no way dscourage it - it's so sweet to peek in at night and see the two of them reading away.

It was great to see you all the other day - !

ColeBugsmommy said...

Good readers! I'm happy to hear about your solo trip to NYC! Good for you!

Emily said...

Yes, I remember not wanting to go to sleep to keep reading, too. Actually, I still do that!

When Mommy would come in for the umpteenth time to tell me to turn out the light, I would go under the covers and read by flashlight!

Anonymous said...

For the kids to have a joy of reading is a true blessing and will serve them well in their lives. Sorry I picked on you girls so much for wanting you to get your sleep. It certainly proved you and Emily were correct in reading well into the wee hours.
Love, M

mainlyclearskies said...

So glad your kids like reading. I do too. And Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume bring back good memories.

Leah said...

Loved Judy Blume....thats great they love to read.....I am still trying to find time to finish a book I sadly have to say I started over 6 years ago....LOL sad I know.