Saturday, September 20, 2008


Anna recently got wind of this game, and we play a few rounds every night after dinner. Anna is learning the rules pretty well, and starting to get the idea of those little hints like "sounds like."

When it's Colin's turn, though, it is hilarious. So far, he always acts out, "Movie, One Word, One Syllable," and its either Cars or Wall-E (which I know is technically two syllables, but watch him act out scooping and compacting trash and you'd guess it, too). Tonight he added one to his list, an animal (a category my kids have added). One word. Then he acts it out: his hands very close together, getting wider and wider and wider apart.

"Small?" "Big?" "Huge?" "Enormous?" Silently he shakes his head no and acts it out again and again.

"Growing?" I guess, and he vigorously nods then eyes me, like we're in on this together. Finally he whispers, "Growing...tadpole!"

If only I'd had the video rolling...


peevish said...

That sounds pretty adorable, and fun!

Emily said...

Hahaha! You MUST video these! (and post please)

Carol said...

Hi Vet mommy,

I am a vet, graduated in Brasil; but I am not practicing, I work in a research lab in Indiana. I also make illustrations, and I am drawing a pregnant dog, so I found your pictures of the c-section, and they helped me with orientation issues. I also love to cook and plan to have my garden, and I am also a mommy of soon to be one year old Zoe. So I thought about writing a little thank you for sharing your thoughts and pictures on your blog! If you want I can send a link with Zoe's pictures and the pregnant dog illustration I am working on.
Carol - clqsousa @ gmail . com

Anonymous said...

How lovely for you,Jennifer, to have a lovely posting like that from Carol in Brazil...I would like to see her Dog picture wouldn't you? Aunty Norma.x

mainlyclearskies said...

Charades is a funny game anyway and even funnier w/ kids. Sounds like a good time!