Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Damned Ike

I was invited to help with a continuing education seminar for veterinarians this weekend, demonstrating how to take digital dental Xrays. It was quite a feather in my cap, and also included a nice stipend, mileage paid, meals paid, and a nice condo at a resort in Port Aransas. However, with the impending storm, the entire event has been cancelled.

While I understand the decision, I am sooooooo disappointed. I feel a little guilty being so petulant about it when they are currently evacuating people with medical needs. Residents there are bracing for potential loss of property and making plans for higher ground. I know I wouldn't want to be stuck in that traffic heading north to Austin.

Still, I wanted to be Ms. Dental Smarty-pants and walk on the beach!


peevish said...

That sucks, but there is no way you'd want to be stuck in that hellish traffic.

And surely there will be a next time, right?

mr man said...

You're still Miss Dental Smarty-pants to us. You'll just have to do your Dental Smarty-dance for your regular adoring fans.

It's an honor just to be invited. Sorry about Ike's invasion crashing the party.

mr man said...

uh, that's what 1.5 hours of sleep'll do for your brain.... ms, not miss ... flurm

I was distracted by the between the lions song.

EdamameMommy said...

Hey, scuse me, but it's Dr. Dental Smarty-pants!

Emily said...

Hopefully they'll reschedule!