Thursday, June 12, 2008

About that Triathlon

I did complete my 4th Danskin Triathlon on Sunday. It was hot and grueling, as always. Don't I look beat in this photo as I approach the finish?

But then I saw my support crew - Anthony, Anna, Colin, Kareen, Leah, and Cole - and perked up to sprint across the line.

This year wasn't nearly as fun in previous years. The past 2 times I got to do it with Emily (and boy was I missing her). Last year I found it so inspirational to do it with Kareen and Leah, but they were too busy this time around. Really, it's something you have to dig deep and do on your own anyway - that's part of what makes finishing so inspiring and confidence building. It's just more fun with buddies.

Also I guess I was bummed to be slower this year than the last 2 years. Previously I always improved my time each year by a few minutes. It took me exactly 2 hours this year.

But! I did see the oldest competitor on the course. They write your age on the back of your calf. It was her 3rd time, and this year she had 80 on her leg. "Go Phyllis!" I shouted when I saw her. She is my inspiration to keep doing it every year.

Hopefully next year some of you will join me. It's just a 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike, and 3 mile run (or walk). Read about my race in 2007, 2006, and 2005.


Laura said...

Congratulations on finishing ANOTHER triathalon. YOU are inspiring!

Love that first picture where you look hot and tired... and you're running next to a woman whose shirt says "Team ta-tas". That's hysterical!

Emily said...

I like your ending statement, "It's JUST a 1/2 mile...." It's a lot. But it is a huge accomplishment. I still can't believe I've done two! I will do it again in the future. Just more difficult now that I live so far away.
Congratulations on another one, Jenn! Next year will be 5! (your favorite number!)

grandad says said...

Congratulations Jennifer. 7 is my numero mas favorito!

Can't wait to see you all in Worcester (Tewkesbury)in a week or so.........

peevish said...

Congrats on digging deep and finishing. And now it's OVER! I hope you will have a buddy for next year. But you are gonna rock it no matter what!

mainlyclearskies said...

You are an amazing woman! Congratulations on completing your 4th (wow!) triathlon!