Monday, March 03, 2008

Not much new

Its the same old, same old around here... for the third week in a row, Anthony's leaving town for multiple nights, I am working extra at the clinic (although not 6 days in a row, gracias dios), and I am tired.

The only thing new is some tomato plants Anthony and Anna planted in the veggie patch, in spots recently vacated by cabbages. After a few days in the 80s, last night a tremendous arctic front came in and has been blowing cold wind all day. Poor little seedlings. Hopefully it will make for heartier plants and more vigorous tomatoes when its broiling in June and July.

The blast of cold air makes Francesca extra frisky, and she comes in running crazy laps from the front room to the living room, skittering over the Pergo. "Franchesquita!" my friend from Chile calls her.


Anonymous said...

When it's broiling in June, we'll be in chilly England. Whoop!
Hope Anthony is enjoying hid new venture.


Emily said...


You know I tried growing a few herbs on my window sill. They died.

I don't miss not having a yard to contend with, but I do miss having a patch of ground for gardening.

Laura said...

I'm familiar with that Pergo skitter, and think it's hysterical!

I'm exceedingly jealous of your tomato seedlings. It will be June before we can plant here!

peevish said...

Our ground is still frozen, except for a few small beds where I finally got around to planting flower bulbs. Good luck, little tomatoes!

Anonymous said...


Probably will be now I have stated that! :o)