Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Pictorial

Here we see Colin all bummed because his sister found an egg before he did.
Now he's elated because he found one before her.
The haul! (yes, Anna lost another tooth this week!)
We admired our pretty eggs before we devoured them.
Ah! They got me with the cascarones! (traditional Mexican confetti-filled eggs)


mr man said...

Yeah, but he's got cool shark wellies.
Is it, like, cold there? Everyone's all bundled up and the cameraman's all shaky. (It snowed here last night, so we had to put off our egghunt until this afternoon, when the snow had mostly melted.)
She's just a tooth ahead of the Junebug, AND there's a hole in the hole in the backyard.
I don't miss those silly confetti-eggs, but I sure miss laughing with you guys.

Happy Eostre.

Sinda said...

Hannah had a loose one hanging by a thread all weekend, and came into our bed at 5 am today to say, IT FELL OUT! Luckily, she woke up with it still in her mouth, so we have it safely stored now!

Happy Easter!

peevish said...

Love that last photo!

Emily said...

Ha ha, I laughed at the extreme emotions of Colin. Can't believe Anna is losing all her teeth at once!
LOVE that last one of you. I can just hear you laughing.

Alissa said...

what a fun time!