Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Feeling better finally, thanks

We had a great family reunion on Saturday in Waco, which I managed to feel good enough to attend. I felt bad on the drive home and slept all day Sunday and Monday.

In Waco I got to go visit Aunt Sudie in the hospital. It was great to see her, although she was thin and coughed a lot, she still had some of her dry wit. Hopefully she'll be discharged later this week, but probably won't be going back to her former living situation with my 87 year old Grandmother. It will be a sad transition for both of them.

Late at the reunion, Anna decided she wanted to go swimming in my uncle's pool. She didn't care that it was super cold. She put on her cousin's borrowed swimsuit, jumped off the diving board, and doggy paddled to the other end. Colin begged to go to, so I stripped him down to his tighty whiteys, put him on the step, and told him to stay there since he is not as good of a swimmer as his sister. He instantly pushed off into the middle of the pool, and began to flounder.

I took about a second to look and see if my 19 year old cousin was nearby (he was not), and then I was in the pool, with all my clothes. I didn't even kick my slide-on sandals off. Its amazing how fast that motherly instinct kicks in. Once I had him sitting on the side of the pool, I noticed how cold the water truly was.

I told Colin to stay on the step, but moments later he was unsuccessfully treading water again, this time pushing his sister under trying to get up. I got him out again, and said no more swimming. He was pretty freaked now, and said, "Mommy, I not a good swimmer. I sink." We'll have to get that boy some swimming lessons pronto before he develops a phobia.

On that note, here are some fun Colinisms.

Today, going into the grocery store, we saw a guy with a skinny Mohawk.
"Mommy, that boy has only one hair!" he told me.

Tonight at story time, he asked for help finding a particular book with a "cactus on the front."
Puzzled, I asked him what it is about.
He wrinkled his brow, trying to remember. "Stuff... and things," he said sagely.

When Anthony kissed him goodnight, Colin asked him if he had to go do the dishes.
"Yes, buddy," Anth said.
"Why grown-ups have to do that?" Colin asked. Indeed!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my sentiments exactly Col, I love preparing stuff to eat but I hate the dishes part at the close. That's why being around Anth at dinner time is SO good. He always pops up and makes coffee and does the cleanup. What a guy.

mr man said...

Tarnation, girl. What kind of crud is creeping around Austin? deflicting the womenfolk? I'm glad you're feeling better.

Yes, get that boy some swimming lessons: the girls had a blast in class together last year.

Yes, Anthony is great to have around (anytime) at the end of dinner. We can talk manjunk in the kitchen making coffee-drinks and not be freaked out by the girl junk and cigars in the parlor.

Emily said...

One of my favorite Colin-isms was said when I was showing him pictures from my trip to Hawaii and the Dole plantation. He said, "I want to see the one where you're fat again" referring to the picture of me posing behind one of those boards with a pineapple drawn on it with a cut-out for the face.

peevish said...

Well, that was quite an eventful weekend! Glad everyone is mostly ok.

Joey said...

Wow. John's parents have a pool and I've often wondered if I would have to jump in fully clothed. So were you wet for the rest of the gathering? I love Colinisms...sound very similar to Cole-isms.

Alissa said...

I hope you weren't too dressed up for your swim. All the Colin comments are pretty cute