Sunday, December 02, 2007

I did it! (Hooray if you did, too)

Also, Anna has a monster virus that has taken her out all weekend. She missed the special ballet rehearsal and the Play Day where she and Colin were supposed to be dropped off so we could go shopping with out them and, uh, do other adult things. We were all disappointed, and I will try to be mature about the whole situation if we can't go to Houston for the big shindig aka Stephanie's Christmas Tea. Anna has a new dress and shoes and everything! Please, Santa, please...


Emily said...

Poor Anna. Hope she gets better today so you can attend the Tea.
I love the puppy pic!

peevish said...

Ditto what Emily said. We're thinking about you, Anna!

Sinda said...


How is Anna doing? I hope you get to go to Houston.

Hey, we want to invite you guys to a holiday do at our house - can you send me your email? Mine is