Sunday, October 14, 2007

I left my camera at home, so I stole all these photos from my Dad's blog.

We went to Houston for a family visit this weekend. We were greeted by this sign. Wouldn't it make you feel welcome? (click to enlarge) Then we went to the pumpkin patch for photos. We dressed the kids alike on purpose, but Bev, Steph, and I happened to be matching, too. The weather helped it actually feel like fall, too.



A.Norma said...

Oooo, little thief...(I don't blame you though) they are super pics...I blew them all up..who's the handsome fellow with the Kid and your Mum? :o)

Emily said...

Looks like such a fun time! Anna is especially cute with her snaggle-tooth smile and Paige's hair has gotten so long and gorgeous.

peevish said...

That looks like fun! What a wonderful welcome sign. And you three women just happened to dress alike? Hard to believe.