Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Little laments

I am reading with jealousy about all the nice fall weather ya'll are having in Washington, Maine, Michigan, Utah, and NY. The calendar says OCTOBER but its still hot as blazes here. It does not motivate one very much to finish any landscaping projects when its still 95 degrees outside! We were supposed to get a cold front this weekend, but apparently it heard about the heat and changed its mind.

I'm tired of sweating.

Here are some pictures of Bring Your Parents to School Night, which was enjoyed very much by everyone but me. It was held from 6-7 pm, and that's the time I get to spend in traffic after I work. Blah for traffic. This is turning into a rather complainy post. Here's some of the cute pics Anth took so I wouldn't feel so left out.

Anna showed off her work, including a book about herself. This picture says, "I am special because I have a bruthr."

They spent some time in the reading corner of her room:

Then they explored the music room. All the pictures of Colin playing the Xylophone came out blurry. He was really feeling the music!

Then there was the art room.

Anna paints a portrait of herself and her friend K. sitting right next to her.


mr man said...

Don't feel too bad(ly). I will probably get to miss Junebug's parent night, too. It's not so whiny a post. I can appreciate the sentiment. I didn't realize how much I would miss good-nights. Pre-bedtime snuggling is more satisfying than the getting ready for school rush. I just try to make the most of both now. Every hug is sacred.

A.Norma said...

Lovely pictures,Jenn.

Emily said...

I bet Anna enjoyed showing Colin her school. I love her quote in her book.

If it makes you feel any better, it's still really hot and muggy in the subway every day for me. :-)

Laura said...

Trust me, come February, you won't have any reason to be jealous of Maine weather!

Alissa said...

Anna's school looks great! I am sure you will get to go to other parent nights, you should ask to leave early next time,especially if I am working! I agree with you on the hot weather, it IS October, why doesn't it feel like it?

ColeBugsmommy said...

Sorry you missed open house. I bet Anna was so proud showing her family around. I took Cole to open house night in Kyle on Tuesday. The kids were so cute with their parents and LOVED meeting Cole and vs. versa. He already has another blond girl picked out that is his favorite :-)