Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bring on the pampering bribery

Recently veterinarians made the news for becoming majority female. Vet school classes for years now have been graduating classes that have more women than men, but the overall population was still masculine. Although most practice owners are still male, and the AVMA officers this year are all old, white guys, the tide has turned. Drug companies are taking notice.

Instead of courting veterinarians favor with things like hunting and fishing trips, this year we have seen invitations to SPA EVENTS. Can I get an AMEN?!? These invitations are for the women veterinarians of the practice only. My very progressive male boss (who does enjoy a deep tissue massage) offered to switch days so one of my colleagues could go with me, and we could enjoy a day of pampering together.

We met this morning at a relatively new spa in the Austin area, one with views of the lakes and hills. After a very informal discussion of some of their products (no aggressively pushed agenda here), half the group left for massages. I was in a later group, so I went on a 45 minute hike on some of the trails - no people, no traffic, just me and the trees, dragonflies, and bees. Also, the weather here is finally a few degrees cooler, and definitely drier. After hiking I moseyed over to the spa and had a great massage - really, one of the best I've ever had - by a petite firecracker of a woman. Then we all enjoyed a delicious, organic spa lunch, with lots of mellow, work-related conversation. We were free to enjoy the facilities afterwards as long as we liked, so Alissa and I swam and enjoyed the shade and views of the infinity pool.

I was surprised at how relaxed and comfortable I got. The whole day was quite a treat. Hooray for the feminine influence on the profession!


Anonymous said...

That's terrific. Glad you got to go.

Old white man.

Emily said...

That's awesome! I'm surprised that drug companies can still do that type of activity for veterinarians. It's been outlawed for physicians for some time. But live it up!

(I can't believe they would take vets HUNTING. Hello?)

peevish said...

That sounds heavenly. Good for you!

Lula said...

Oooh, my little girl wants to be a veterinarian! Maybe she'll take me to a spa day. In 18 years, when she finally graduates and is a working vet. Har!

Alissa said...

I have to agree, yesterday was a great day at the spa. It was very beautiful and relaxing. We'll have to pay close attention for future spa days.