Monday, April 30, 2007

Pet Portraits

Finally, for my friend Leah, here is the fire belly toad:

Also, Anna's female betta fish, Greeny:

Colin's male betta, Bluey:

Francesca, watching the squirrels in the backyard (quite calmly!):

Speckles, the toad, flashing some fire:


Jess said...

Awesome photos! I love Anna's new frog! How cool! I have never seen a female beta fish cool! Great names for the fish...Bluey and Greeny. So cute!

EdamameMommy said...

Does Francesca have a German grograin ribbon collar? How chic!

get2eric said...

Neat pictures. You know what colour develops from green and blue?
Neither do I. But, we shall see maybe?

Leah said...

Thanks for the pics of the toad!! love the colors. He is much bigger than I thought.