Sunday, April 29, 2007

Love notes

Yikes, almost a week since my last post. We've been so busy, and its not even May yet.

Anna has been writing my lots of notes lately. Usually after I've put her to bed, she scribbles a little something to me. She is destined to be a night owl like her dad. I love these little notes; with her phonetic spelling, it's like you have to decode the message.

Here is what she wrote the night before Easter Sunday:
"Dear Easter Bunny I Do NOT like jellybeans."
She actually wrote that on 2 different notes. Also:
"Eastr Bunny I am in the room that has a sine on it. rely wot to see you. Love Anna. PS Ther is a presit for you! Love Anna. PS Hide the eggs."

She left me this when we were gone at Spanish class:
"Mommy - I frgot to tel you suthing. I ned a wotr bodl. Love, Anna PS Fur the feld trip."(field trip)

Then one night, right before she retired, for some reason she decided she wanted to get a bull dog. I said no way! I'm sure we'll get another dog in the future, but it is not going to be a snoring, wheezing, demodectic genetic anomaly like a bulldog! No matter how ugly-cute they are. Anna couldn't let it go:
"Mommy- It wud be so cuot and we cud biy a dogy bed. Love, Anna PS and it woud sleep in my room." Then she drew a circle with a little puppy on it that very much resembles a turtle.

We went to a great wedding this weekend but I think I will write about it on the other blog.


EdamameMommy said...

Okay, going to look up the word demodectic now. What'd'ya have against bulldogs, really, Jenn? Could you compromise with a pug?

EdamameMommy said...

parasitic? I'm confused and even isn't helping!

How about a boston terrier? We met a very sedate young smart sweetie last summer. The owner said they used to be the choice dog for small children, that is why they're in all those golden oldie family/children portraits. But they have fallen out of favor in recent history. Maybe we need a vet mommy assessment of good breeds that are overlooked (family pets beyond goldens and labs?)

get2eric said...

Yeah, almost a week since the last post. I liked that daily thing you did a coupla months ago.......

Emily said...

Anna is such a sweetheart! Those are very nice notes. I agree with you on the bulldog, though. Where did she get that idea?

Lisa said...

Those notes are very cute + sweet!

Good luck with the bulldog thing.

Jennifer said...

Demodectic=mangey. Actually, it's a specific type of mite, not contagious, but due to a genetic defect of the immune system. Bulldogs are very commonly afflicted, so we see them a lot as puppies for dips. (For once, I answered you, Steph!)

EdamameMommy said...

Yeah! Thanks for the answer, you know I have checked for it 5 times today. But, can we have your undervalued breed assessment post at some point? I think that would be very interesting. (see second half of my previous comment)...and I second grandad's request for another pomoblo month(whatever)

Anonymous said...

I remember receiving those notes from you girls when you were growing up - they are priceless and I have saved many. They will be in your stash of paperwork I will be giving you soon. I can't read them without shedding a tear.

Jennifer, the notes you made during sermons on Sunday morning were the most priceless and unfortunately, we gave them to the pastor. Ahh, memories!!!!!
Love, M