Monday, April 23, 2007

In the moment

Sometimes I look back on the week I just finished and think, "Whew, got through all that, cross it off the list, that fun weekend is over, gear up for the next one." Looking forward to the next thing, already sad about what is done and gone. Never living in the moment.

Well, I truly am glad that the "week without Anthony," is gone. We all missed him, but especially me. Certainly, no one starved or was late to school, but juggling ALL the balls all the time was exhausting. By the time I finished all the chores, it was time for bed - I only got to watch 1 hour of TV all week long! Seriously, I don't know how you single mammas do it.

Also, I don't know how mothers in general are supposed to be living in the moment. We are the ones who always have to be planning ahead, shopping for meals later in the week so that we're not dashing to the store or fast-food restaurant at the evil hour, starting to cook those meals early in the evening so that we can all eat and get bathed and get into bed early enough on a school night, planning most of the social events for the family, remembering the birthdays, the library books, the school permission slips.

So a big "huzzah" to dads like Anthony who do the dishes after dinner so we don't actually have to do it all, and pick up the slack when it comes to things like taxes and finances, something I seem to have no talent for. I know you feel underappreciated, baby, but I thank my lucky stars for you, especially on April 15th!

Also, it's great to know you appreciate my blogging, a habit that keeps me away from you at least an hour most evenings, and one I didn't get to indulge in much last week.


get2eric said...

Yeah for Anth.
And living in the moment too, I have been so busy in the past 2 months, I seem to have lost contact with some of my daily visits via either blogging or Skype or phone.
Hope things get back to normal for you and me THIS WEEK!!

Emily said...

I'm glad Anthony is back. I missed your blog posts!

ColeBugsmommy said...

I too wish I could stop and live in the moment. You are very lucky to have Anthony be an equal partner. You two are great role models for what marriage SHOULD be like.

EdamameMommy said...

Ah, Jenn. I think you do live in the moment more than you give yourself credit. We tend to be so critical of ourselves. A couple of good inhales and complete exhales always force me to center myself in the here and now.

Joey said...

Amen, sister! Sadly, even when I find the rare moment to sit quietly out on the front porch I find myself merely multitasking in my mind, figuring my plan of attack to get the rest of my daily chores done as efficiently as possible.