Thursday, October 19, 2006

Some people should not be allowed the privelege of having a dog

On the internet you can say anything, including dispensing medical advice. Most people know that you should actually consult with a doctor before following through on such advice.

There were some people who purchased a Chinese Crested. This is a freaky looking dog with no hair on its body, but an exuberant little poof on its head, feet, and tail. They are unusual and expensive. This new owner read on the internet that if your Chinese Crested's ears didn't fold over the way you wanted them to, you could tape them down to get the desired result. She taped them down over a hard piece of plastic, cutting off the blood supply. The tips of the ears died.

My colleague surgically debrided the dead tissue, leaving the pup with one decent, half notched ear, and one ear basically gone. And still no hair. He's so ugly he's cute, and he's got a great personality.

Now, apparently, the dog has gotten "too big." I think confined to one small room of the house and "ran a lot" when let out. How big is too big? About 18 lbs.

One of our large hearted staff members agreed to foster him, but I am sure it won't be long before this dog with no hair and 1/2 an ear finds a home that will love him to death.

Meanwhile, we think of names for him:

Vincent Van Gogh
Beautiful Joe (sisters, I actually found someone else today who also read this book!)


A.Norma said...

!!!!!! they want shooting!!! the Owners NOT the poor little dog.

Leah said...

And the large hearted staff member was NOT me this time. HA HA He is a very cute thing. I am not into the Chinese Cresteds but he has these eyes....ahhh, his cute little eyes...oh and his cute little half fluffy tail. We should send the breeder a pic of this poor thing now. Let them know what happens when they refer people to web sites that show people how to crop your dogs ears at home instead of sending them to wonderful vets.

EdamameMommy said...

I've heard of taping tampons in danes' ears to get the cartilage to firm up, but you are so right, people can say anything on the internet and sometimes get undue authoritative status. Poor little gremlin. Hope you get a picture of him so we can see how ugly/cute he is.

Emily said...

Ah, poor pup. I'm glad he's out of that environment.

paula said...

That poor creature needs a proper loving home.

Anonymous said...

the stupid woman ears are taped to stand up not fold and done awth soft tissues anb breathable tape.the breeder should have done this or shown her how.if she read that cutting them off would make a new set grow would this silly woman have done that 2