Friday, September 22, 2006

Paranoid New World

Hello, faithful readers, I am posting from Portland, Oregon from the Veterinary Dental Conference. Anthony and I flew out on Thursday, reluctantly checking our luggage due to the new no-liquids on board rules (normally we pride ourselves on traveling light with carry-ons only).

As I walked through security at 8 am, the affable guard muttered under his breath, "I need a drink..." then asked me, "Do you have any alcohol?" I shook my head sadly and said, "Nope, no liquids." He laughed and said that's what he liked, a good traveler.

On the first plane any time someone grumbled about the rules (like no PDAs on such a small plane, or put your seat backs up now) even though the passengers were complying, the flight attendants barked back, "You can read about it on page so-and-so in the magazine! Its not our rules, its our government's!" Sheesh!Overall, though, our travel was pretty smooth, including the nice light rail ride into downtown Portland.

Don't you love traveling west? Stay up "late" and still go to bed at a decent hour, then feel like you've had a great long rest when you get up early the next morning.

Most people who know me personally know how much I love veterinary dentistry. This weekend I'm with the Big Wigs of vet dentistry, the people who did it before it was cool. I've done 3 root canals so far, but I'm a bit of a dabbler, being a general practictioner with a strong interest. These people are board certified, and they do vet dentistry ALL DAY, every day, and research it, and publish papers. Their enthusiasm is contagious.

Anthony is accompanying me, and he loves the cool weather here - 40-60 degrees every day, while its in the 90s at home - and of course, he loves the plethora of excellent coffee bars.

I'll foist more travel writing on you as time allows.


EdamameMommy said...

Oh, thanks for taking the time to write that. Can't wait to hear what you learn, and see any pics of either the great dentistry or the fabo location.

lindsey said...

You're in Portland...that's only 3 hours away! Any plans for a road trip to Seattle?!

Jennifer said...

Hi Linds! You guys are definitely in our thoughts while we are in the Pac NW. Since we wanted to see more of OR and only have 2 days after the conf, we are not planning a Seattle trip this time, sorry. If any of you want to come down for dinner tomorrow though, we are available!


Glad to hear your having a good time. Could you please package up some of that lovely cool air for us down here is Texas? Were dying!!!

Have a safe trip home!

Jess said...

Sounds like a great trip already! I am super jealous of the weather, but honestly, it hasn't been too miserable here in Texas. I hope the rest of your week is awesome and you learn a lot from your vet clinic! I miss you all!

A.Norma said...

I'm wondering who has the pleasure of looking after the kids for you :o) enjoy yourselves deserve it. xx

Emily said...

Ah, Auntie Norma, that would be me for the first 3 days and their Nana for the last 3.

Since I was so busy taking care of Anna and Colin, today was the first day I've been able to check your blog! No time or energy before now. :-)

Hope you're having a great time.

A.Norma said...

Oh,well,Emily, I know that YOU are happy then spoiling those lovely,entertaining kids...xx

EdamameMommy said...

There hasn't been any travelog foisting, sister. News? I'm worried about you. Please ping me.