Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The eggs of September

After all those scary hidden pictures I had to post something else, and I was inspired by the eggs I was cooking up tonight.

It may be "cooling off" here in Central Texas, but my hens haven't completely recovered from the stress of the heat, and we're lucky if we get one a day. Quite a contrast to spring, when we are giving them away. These eggs are precious, and the yolks are dark orange from all the yummy scraps we give them.

Yes, another picture of food (eh, Steph?)


paula said...

Those eggs look wonderful, so go to ask, what were you cooking?

EdamameMommy said...

Yeh, we Downward girls just can't help ourselves with foodphotography, so says my perplexed husband. Nice yolks, folks!

Daisy said...

I've read a few references lately to european recipes which call for "April eggs" or "September eggs" - eggs from a particular month, because of their different properties.

Emily said...

This Downward girl doesn't take pictures of her food, thank you.

paula said...

Neither does this one! Beans on toast just doesn't really come across as photogenic XX


That's a really cool picture, Jenn.

Em, you've jinxed yourself! Next time you have a dinner party, we'll be looking for the food pictures!!!!


Jennifer said...

Paula, I was making "breakfast burritos" for dinner - basically scrambled eggs rolled up with bacon, cheese, and salsa in a tortilla. Mmmmm

Sinda, yes I've heard of those references, but I think that the quality of our eggs in Aug/Sept is probably vastly diffent than those in Europe. Maybe we should come up with a conversion chart, eh?

I think the food photography bug comes from that feeling my dad always invoked at the end of a good meal, saying, "I wish I was just starting this meal!" With a photo, at least you can view the meal as it looked before you devoured it.