Monday, September 11, 2006

Cue sappy music

Today I picked up Anna from school for a doctor's appointment. The school secretary told the teacher over the loudspeaker that Anna needed to come to the office. "OK, she'll be here in a few minutes."

I dawdled a little by the office, imagining Anna packing up her things, then walked to where I could see down the long hallway.

I saw a little tiny girl walking down the huge hall, happily looking at the art on the walls. Usually I look at Anna and think about how big she is, but in her school full of bigger students, she looks like a little kindergarten baby.

Once she saw me, she kept walking slowly, but her whole demeanor changed. She did a low wave, and jiggled a little with excitement. When she was about 10 feet from me, she couldn't stand it anymore, and she ran to me and we hugged.

"Mommy... Mommy... I LOVE you..." she said with wonderment. We embraced like loved ones at the airport after a long separation. Maybe she was suprised to see me before she got to the office, or maybe she was just so happy to have someone there just for her in the middle of the school day. Her hair smelled wonderful, and she stroked my shoulders with her warm hands. And since I had gotten there early, for once I did not rush her, and I really hugged her back, and enjoyed the reunion.

We continued to be early, and even had time to stop at Starbuck's near the doctor's office. Everyone there was charmed by the little girl with blonde curls drinking her own tall decaf. We talked about her day, and I was mesmerized by her smooth golden skin, her perfectly arched eyebrows, her perky little nose. I feel in love with her again, just like I did when she was a baby.

(BTW, I fall in love with Colin daily, too, with his curls, and sideways glances with those brown eyes. I was just really able to focus on Anna today.)


EdamameMommy said...

Awh, that is so sweet Jenn. And I love the girl lovins. I love the boy lovins, but the girl lovins are their own thing. In keeping with your post, Paige told me tonight as she laid her head on her pillow, "...but Maaahhhhmeeee, I just really love you so very, very much" as she stroked around my forehead and circled round my jaw. Awwh, it's the good stuff!!!!!!!!!!

A.Norma said...

Aaaaahhhhhh.....makes me smile. :o) xx


What great stuff! Anna is a sweetie. I'm so glad you got to spend some mother-daughter time together!!!


P.S. Neat story, Steph! It's a good age.

Emily said...

I can't wait to see Anna and Colin next week! She is a beautiful child. Well, they both are! And I can't wait to see her new school.

Joey said...

What a beautiful post! This is what being a mom is all about. As Faith grows older (past that cute baby/toddler stage), the love and wonderment I experience as a parent is ever-changing but always intense. Your story is a perfect example of the importance of stopping to smell the roses.

ColeBugsmommy said...

I was helping a client out to the car the other day that had a newborn and we were talking about kids and she said, "you know this sounds kinda of silly but sometimes I wonder if I will always be so in love with him as I am right now, sometimes I find my self just staring at him while he sleeps." I said, "that feeling never goes away, my son is four and I am still in constant wonder of him every day." Great post, I want to leave right now and go hug Cole!