Sunday, August 13, 2006

What I was doing while you were waiting for me...

Whew, what a busy week that was! Monday I started obedience classes with Francesca, Tuesday had a late night vet meeting, Wednesday recovered from the exhausting fun of Sclitterbahn, Thursday had Kindergarten orientation, Friday had a surprise visit from my sister Emily. It was really great to have her in town to share our weekend!

Schlitterbahn! Jessica has a full account of our fun visit.

Emily and Colin having fun this morning.

Work was full and busy, too. We had a new client walk in and hand a receptionist a note (since she was deaf) that said, "Hello, my boxer needs a dental either today or tomorrow because we are leaving for Washington DC." The receptionist immediately got one of our nurses, who is fluent in sign language since she was raised by 2 deaf people. As you can imagine, this is extremely helpful for me and the deaf person! They made her an appointment for the dog to see me the next morning. On exam, the sweet dog definitely needed a dental - in addition to a lot of tartar, she had some gingival hyperplasia, where the gum tissue grows exuberantly in response to plaque and bacteria on the teeth. I also found a mass on her leg - after checking it with a needle biopsy, I determined it was a mast cell tumor (of course!) and needed to be taken off. The owner agreed, and signed her loving goodbyes to her dog, "You stay here at this fancy vet hospital and let them take care of you."

Surgery and dentistry went well. Instead of calling the client postoperatively, I sent her a text message. The next day I sent her another one, asking how the dog was doing. They were on the road to DC, and she sent me a picture of her dog (see below) and a close-up of the wound. The incision is under quite a bit of tension and appears not to be healing ideally in the middle, so tomorrow I will send them some antibiotics via an email pharmacy. Telemedicine is so much fun!

Boxer on the road.

Pretty Anna on the eve of Kindergarten!


Leigh-Ann said...

How are you doing with your obedience lessons -- are you obedient yet?!

Loved all the photos -- it's nice to have a new blog entry from you!

Jess said...

Oh, awesome! My mom found a little surprise for Anna yesterday at Target. Well, surprises for both Anna and Colin, but especially for Anna! I'll be calling later today to see if I can bring it over before school starts!

Great pictures! Looks like you had a busy week and a busy weekend! Schlitterbahn was awesome! Thank you again for everything!

Lisa said...

Before he left for work this morning, Michael left me a note saying "Enjoy Ruby's last day of freedom!". I can't believe she & Anna will be in the big K.

Paige` said...

what a fun filled week! I love reading about your hospital cases....poor boxer. Mast Cell, Shocking, not!

A.Norma said...

That is a lovely picture of Anna,Jenn. how quickly they grow up.