Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hot Day at the Lake

When you live in a climate with daily temperatures over 100 degrees, where all the pools close after the first day of school at the beginning of August (crazy!), and its simply unbearable to be outside without being wet, what do you do? Go to the lake. Even if the lake is a recently dammed reservoir, over former pastureland, with nary a shade tree in sight. Ostensibly you go to fish, but the kids start wading as soon as you get there:

Lake, with murky greenish water, lots of mud, and happy children.

There are some big fish to be caught, like this huge catfish!

Francesca, happy lake dog.

Hey, its not Nantucket, but we can still have fun, jumping off the pier!

But mostly we like muddying the bridge, which results in this:

Muddy Ian.

Muddy Anna.

Muddy Ashlynn.

See-thru swimsuit.


Leah said...

What cute pictures. It looks like you all have a great time.

Jess said...

Great Pictures! So vivid! I love those! Looks like the muddy lake was a lot of fun. The mud is always fun to play in!

paula said...

Brilliant!!! We can do similar things down at Ferry Hut (The Cut) only we tend to catch quite serious diseases which can be somewhat offputting. XXXXX

Emily said...

Ha ha ha! Steve and I read this last night and laughed out loud at the "large fishes" to catch! Love Anna's tan lines, too.

Anonymous said...

Anna's see-through suit reminds me of a picture of Emily at about that age - just love it!
Love, Nana


Cute post, Jenn! I love Anna's tan lines too! She is blessed with the ability to TAN instead of BURN, like me.