Monday, April 30, 2012

Geez, this is terrible.  My only post last month was on the first.  My only post this month is on the last.  I've been busy, blah blah blah, with work, kids, writing dental reports, choir, teaching Bollywood, etc.

Also, flirting with the E2 Diet.  Have you seen the documentary "Forks Over Knives"?  It presents a lot of evidence for a whole foods, low fat, plant based diet.   The E2 Diet is short for Engine Two Diet - an Austin firefighter got his whole firehouse to go basically animal protein free and watched their cholesterol and weight plummet.  It's tough - no meat, no diary, no added fat.  I can do it about 75% of the time.  My sister Emily is also interested, and Anthony eats the food, too, since he lives with me.  Stuff like this wrap with hummus, sautéed onions and red peppers with fresh spinach tossed in balsamic.

Or this black bean taco with sautéed zucchini and tomatoes.

What has really impressed me is that my parents have also joined in, and are more faithful to the diet than me.  Previously committed meat eaters, they both say they feel better on the diet, and my dad is hoping to eliminate his cholesterol meds.  I am so proud of them for trying something so radically new.

So, here is an easy weeknight Tofu Recipe we enjoy around here a lot, with one of my Dad's favorite ingredients, Teriyaki Sauce!

First, I like to drain my tofu to make it firmer.  This is a large package of firm tofu, diced, and placed on tea towels.

 Put another tea towel on top,
 Then another cookie sheet on top, with a couple of heavy cans or pots on top if it for weight.  Let it drain for about 30 minutes, then toss the tofu with teriyaki sauce.  (Sometimes, if I don't have time to drain the tofu, I skip that step and it turns out fine.  But I like the texture of the drained tofu better.)

 Then spread the teriyaki-glazed tofu on a cookie sheet, lined with foil and lightly sprayed with cooking spray.  Place under the broiler for 5-8 minutes.  Then turn them and broil the other side.
 Meanwhile, assemble your veggies.  This night, we had quartered white onions, halved baby brussels sprouts, mushrooms, squash, asparagus, and mushrooms.  Other veggies I like include baby bok choy, cauliflower, and sugar snap peas.  Use whatever you like or got in your farm basket, but I never leave out the white onion!
 Here they are, likewise glazed with the teriyaki, ready for the broiler.
 I like to strategically place the denser veggies in the center, and the more tender veggies on the periphery.  All these veggies were pretty even in size and water density, so they are all jumbled together.  The asparagus I put on another sheet with the stems in the center, and the tips pointed out.  I do the same for the bok choy.  Whatever veg you have, turn it after about 5-10 minutes, until its nicely caramelized on both sides.

Then serve the whole glazed mess on top of brown rice, with a little extra soy sauce or teriyaki on top.  A sprinkle of cilantro is nice, too!


EdamameMommy said...

Looks good and tasty. This household consumes to a high veg, some cheese, sushi weekly, once-or-twice-a-week meat diet. Call me an omnivore with no dilemma - lucky to live in a place with plenty of tasty veg, incredible goat and sheep cheeses and the occasional well-fed, humanely treated animal protein. 12 years ago sugar-busters revealed to all the too-readily available simple carb. Then there was South Beach with all the freshness. Recently, we learned you can be skinny and eat butter like the French. Now E2 shows us too much protein prevails in our diets. Someday, will moderation be all the rage? Non-GMO? Anti-corn? The merits of fungi? Enjoying the ride!

Nancy G said...

OMG that looks good!

Nancy G said...
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grandad says said...

Good post. We are still on the diet although it is very difficult when you travel. We figure we are about 90% true vegans - we still insist on milk for tea in the morning.

Emily said...

Yum! I'll have to try that one.

Sarah said...

Freezing tofu also firms it up!