Thursday, March 01, 2012

My Heart Will Go On

We finally got Titanic last weekend from our local library.  It can be hard to locate slightly older movies now that there are no video stores anymore, and I wanted to share this flick with my kids ever since they got interested in Titanic lore a few months ago.

"We get to watch Titanic this weekend!" I told the kids.  They screwed up their faces and said, "We don't want to watch it.  It's too violent!!"  What?  It's not violent, just tragic. (OK I forgot that one guy does get shot.)  Still they were opposed.

I tried a different tactic.  "Anthony, remember when Titanic came out and it was so huge, everyone was talking about it.  And some parents wouldn't let their kids see it because there are boobies in it."  Anna played it cool and said, "Well, I'll let you decide if I should watch it."  Colin remained doubtful.

Saturday night we cued up the movie, and they both sat down to watch.  It's a long show - 3 hours.  Anna got hooked on the love story; Colin was fascinated by the mechanics of the ship.  The kids sank lower and lower on the couch, one curled up on each side of me.

Finally, the ship went down.
"I love you, Jack!" said Rose.
"I want you to promise me you're going to live," said Jack. "And I want you to hold on to that promise."
"You have to pause the movie," said Colin.  "I have to pee."

"Now?!?" said Anthony.
"Yes," said Anna. "I have to go, too!"

So we paused in the middle of the dramatic emotional climax for a potty break.  They both liked the movie, and fortunately no one had nightmares.

Anna got the music for the theme song from her piano teacher.  Titanic lives on...


Anonymous said...

Glad they liked the movie. I liked it too.

Lisa said...

I remember seeing it in the theatre and having to pee so badly by the time the film let out. It was torture watching people float in all that water and listening to the sounds of water with an over-full bladder. Tell them I'm sympathetic!

EdamameMommy said...

Jenn, this is hilarious. Thanks for writing it. I'm laughing. Not peeing, but still a hearty laugh.