Monday, July 11, 2011

Scenes from a Cell Phone

Here is a boy who hates to go to Costco with his parents.  Even if there are lots of samples.  Doesn't he look miserable?  This is actually his least favorite part - when his dad browses for wine.  Even if there are cheese samples right next to it.
He also refuses to let me take any pictures of his adorable snaggle-toothed grin.  His last upper central incisor FINALLY fell out, and the results are adorable, temporary, and not yet captured on film.

 Here is beautiful Lake Pflugerville!  It is so hot here, and this is the closest thing we have to a beach.  100 degrees doesn't feel quite as bad when you're in the water.  Anna and Colin are the 2 figures on the left.
Today was Toby's first day to go swimming!  He was so much fun.  Slightly apprehensive at first, then enthusiastic and overwhelmed!  Then palunk-palunk-palunk-palunk, he was swimming.  Toby seemed to think he could walk on the water.  But unfortunately, he is not Jesus Christ, he is Toby Sebastian.  Still, his front legs kept plunking above the water, making him sound like a paddle boat.  Then, exhausted, he'd let me hold him suspended in the water, and he'd rest his precious head on my shoulder.  He is so sweet.  After an hour, he finally figured out how to dog paddle streamlined, without lifting his forelegs above the surface of the water.  By then, he was tuckered out!
We can't wait to take him again!


get2eric said...

I like Costco....can't imagine why ColOl doesn't. Lake P looks inviting in 100 degree heat. Little Toby is smashing.

EdamameMommy said...

I'm chanting for the elusive shot -- snaggle! snaggle! snaggle!

Pup looks cute. TX looks HOT. Vamos a la playa.

Lula said...

Well great, now I'm going to walk around all day thinking "Lake Puh-flugerville" in my weird head. ;)

Emily said...

This post just makes me smile. :-)