Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Good Question

Most pets come to the vet hospital brought in by the "lady of the house."  She often brings her young children with her.

I won't lie.  There are some children we dread.  But most are shy.  I usually try to engage them all - the shy ones with what I'm doing, and the poorly mannered ones with stickers and coloring books.

My favorite are the precocious ones, they might be a little shy but are very enthusiastic about their pets, and happy to talk to me.  Like the little 4-year-old guy I had today with his two young kittens.  He remembered that last time I showed him the proper way to pick up his kittens (support them under the hind legs, don't pick them up by the arms).  He also remembered that I let him listen to the cats' hearts with my stethoscope, because he scooted up on the exam table, getting in position nice and close for the stethoscope hand off.

At the end of the visit, I asked Mom if she had any questions, and after I answered her, my little friend said, "I have a question for the vet."  Big, long pause.

"How do you keep them from getting upset when you pick their boogers?"

Mom and I squelched giggles but agreed it was a good question.  Certainly, one I've never been asked before.  I told him I didn't think you could keep them from getting upset, but if you sneak up on them with a soft tissue, you can probably get them off.  Besides, cat boogers aren't as big as ours.

But, apparently they are big enough to flick across the room at your baby brother.


Emily said...

Ha! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh,Dear,Jennifer...what are boogers? I know ,I know but never heard of them. sorry. :(


Vetmommy said...

Ha ha, Aunty Norma, "boogers" are the little dried pieces of snot that come out of your nose. What do you call them?

Anonymous said...

I think they are called snot gobbers in England????? Love, M

Anonymous said...

Oh,Jennifer..hahaha I am now blushing..we call them 'crows' (ask Daddy he should remember.) :) What made me wonder was your posting said 'get a soft tissue and wipe the kitten' of course me being me suspected you meant the other end but with a softly,softly approach. Thank-you for enlightening me. :) xx

Aunty Norma.

paula said...

Not to self.... do not read you Cousin Jenn's blog whilst eating lunch! lol XXXX