Thursday, April 14, 2011

This blog is not dead!

I've just been writing other things.  Specifically, papers with titles like Surgical Extraction of an Upper 4th Premolar in a Dog or Endodontic Therapy of a Fractured Maxillary Canine Tooth in a Dog.  Riveting stuff.  I am required to write four journal-quality papers on some of my cases for the Fellowship in Veterinary Dentistry that I am pursuing.  They were due on April 15 for pre-approval.  Can I just say, writing these things so far away from school was painful.  I'm far from school in years and distance, and these things needed references!  Anyway, I worked on them for months and months.  They needed medical records, photographs and Xrays attatched, and had to be submitted on 5 different CDs in separate folders.   I got it done.

I hope they are good enough.  Four veterinary dentists will review them, and they need to get a 80% to pass.  My mentor (the dentist now in residence at Texas A&M vet school) said he did not pass the first time he submitted.  Fingers crossed!  Then, I can submit a large packet of my case logs, CE hours, equipment, library, etc etc, in July.  If that passes, then I can sit for an exam!

Loads has been happening around here - Anna had a birthday, both kids had a great informal piano recital, Anna did her fourth Royal Academy of Ballet graded exam, Anthony put in a fabulous summer garden, and we've been pre-approved to adopt a dog from the Golden Retriever Rescue group.

To be continued...


get2eric said...

You have been busy. Good Luck on the acceptance of your submittal.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck! Hope all of that hard work pays off. Btw, if YOU had not been pre-approved by a rescue group no one else need apply. ha