Tuesday, June 01, 2010

That was May

So my birthday weekend was enormous, amazing, overflowing with celebration and feasting.  Nearly everyone I invited came to my party (a few key people were there in spirit).  It was great to turn 40 and feel surrounded by love.

There was some singing, which I had not planned on but made me deleriously happy.

I made a vast 80s playlist for the party, and some guests went beyond the call of duty, dressing in vintage 80s clothes!  I loved it.  Unfortunately, there aren't tons of pictures because Anthony was doing an amazing job hosting the thing.  My entire family pitched in to put on an amazing event for me.

The next day we had to get up for Colin's birthday party.  Luckily for me he wanted a Harry Potter party just like Anna.  Therefore it required very brain effort or preparation.  However, Colin wanted to "Slay the Basilisk" with the sword of Godric Griffindor - and I lucked into getting a chinese dragon basilisk pinata two days before.

Also he chose to have a "Quaffle" cake instead of the Golden Snitch, which was pretty simple for Anthony once he got the color mixed.
Then my dad deserved a celebration befitting his septuagenarian status, and we had a 3rd rousing good time.

Anna performed well the next weekend in the ballet extravaganza, earning a Gold medal in Performance Awards and shining as usual on stage in the recital.  Hopefully I'll get links to videos of her Vocal Solo at school and the piano recital.  They both performed so well, even on their duet.  Anna is one of those rare souls who does better in performance than she ever does in rehearsal!

I also spoke at career day at a friend's school.  I am so lucky because my vocation is always the most popular.  Anna and Colin were jealous, so I also spoke to their classrooms last week.  I tell them about how important math is, how I use it every day, and writing, and reading, etc.  Then I show some Xrays, pass around some bones, and gross them out with the dog heart with worms in it.  Its really fun to do, and I love all the predictable and surprising questions.

This is our last week of school, then a full summer starts, bolting out of the starting gate this weekend:  first swim team meet Saturday morning, Danskin Triathlon Sunday, Choir camp for Anna starting Monday, another birthday weekend after that.

And its already wayyyyy too hot.


get2eric said...

You're only forty once......didn't we have a grand time.
I'm all partied out- but we could sing another song especially when Regina helps.

Emily said...

When you put it like that, May was a busy month!

I'm looking forward to this weekend, and I'm glad I get to see another swim meet! Although I may sleep in a little and not get there at the start...

Lisa said...

This post put a big smile on my face. It all sounds like such great fun. And Eric cuts quite a dashing figure.

Our kids were out of school starting last Thursday. (I won't gloat about our weather.) We sure are looking forward to seeing you all!. Just yesterday, Lyra said "I miss Colin!".

See you soon...