Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summertime, the livin' is easy?

So apparently life is not getting less crowded now that school is out.  At least there isn't any homework, though!  The weekend after school finally let out, we had our first swim meet (5 am! yuk!) followed by the annual Danskin Triathlon.  Emily and I have been doing it annually for some time now.  It is a great way to make yourself get in shape for the summer.  This year we followed it with some spa pampering and massage.  That's the way to relax!

Last weekend was another super-birthday weekend.  My nieces and nephews and Anthony's birthdays are all in May.  Anna had choir camp all week.  She is such a little song bird, always singing in the shower, car, dinner table, hallway....  Also her parents met in college choir.  This was her first formal choral experience and she loved it.  Of course, she's a first soprano, and has been singing at the top of her new-found range ever since.

Anthony has been out of town a lot, and so has Wesley, our usual babysitter (he deserves a brief summer vacation, too).  This makes juggling the schedule extra complicated for me, with pinch-hitter babysitters and friends to the rescue.  Don't forget we are also doing daily swim team practices (not at the same time), ballet and piano.  Next weekend is another swim meet, another triathlon.

Don't worry, we are going to take a vacation.  In July, we run off to South America.  Hopefully I'll catch my breath before then, and the next post won't be a catch-up-here's-what-I-did-when-I-wasn't-blogging.

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