Monday, April 19, 2010

How Much do I Love You?

My mother-in-law, Marion, made Anna a Queen-sized Afgan for her birthday.  Anna chose the colors months ago, and Oma's been hard at work.  She made one for Anthony years ago in totally 1970s colors: yellow, orange, and brown.  It is a favorite whenever we are sick with fever or just need serious warmth on a cold night.

It came with this poem:

How much do I Love you?
Let me count the ways.

320 double crochets per row.
4 rows per color stripe equals 1280 double crochets per color.
32 color stripes in your Afghan equals 40960 double crochets.
20 minutes to work a row, 80 minutes per color stripe.
There are 32 color stripes for a total of 2560 minutes or 42.6 hours.
16 balls of yard at 7 ounces equals 112 ounces or 7 pounds.
Each ball is 364 yards times 16 equals 5824 yards which equals 3.31 miles of yarn.
That is how much I love you.

Enjoy your Afgan for a long time and think of me some time.
Happy Birthday.  Love, Oma
Anna and Henley put it right to work, snuggling under it to watch a movie.  Anna has slept on it or under it every night since!


Anonymous said...

Lovely Post for a Lovely Girl and her Lovely Oma! What memories!!!!
Love, M/Nana

Laura said...

That's a lot of love! My grandmother made me an afghan that looks astonishingly like Anna's when I was a girl. Aren't grandmother's great?

Emily said...

It's an incredible gift, and I think it was so creative of Marion to write that note!

Anonymous said...

Gifts from the heart (and hands) are the very best. This afghan will give Anna wonderful memories of her Oma for many many years. I can just picture it folded at the foot of her college dorm room bed some day.--Just like the quilt my grandma made for me!

Lisa said...

Grandmothers are the best. I love the afghan my Nanaw made. Lucky Anna!

EdamameMommy said...

That's awesome, says Paige

sarah doow said...

How lovely - and now I have an idea of how much my Nanna loved me too!