Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Celebrating Anna's Birthday

Anna started her birthday weekend by going on an adventure with Auntie Emily to get her ears pierced. It's something she's wanted for a long time, but she's been too afraid of the pain. Talking to Emily, she got courage, and they decided to go spur of the moment.

She was so chuffed, and I think she picked the most adorable pair of starter earrings!

Then, it was time to party! The theme was Harry Potter. Anna finished reading the entire series the Tuesday before the party. She asked her dad to make a "Golden Snitch" cake.

Anna dressed like Hermione, even with the wild hair! All the kids got "robes" to wear but Anna had an entire English school uniform.

Anna requested lots of crafts, so the kids decorated wands with glitter glue and notebooks for all their Hogwarts classes. We also repotted Mandrakes.

Mandrakes are a magical plant that can make a potion which cures people who have been petrified. They scream, though, when repotted, so the kids stuffed cotton in their ears and covered them up when the transfer occurred.

Then we had potions. A like-minded dad stepped in as Professor Snape and read the ingredients for The Draught of Peace. That's me in the limp wizard's hat.

The Draught was really just a root beer float. Colin approves.

Emily models the Griffyndor scarf I knitted for Anna (she was too busy to wear it), and my mom shows how windy it was!

Happy cousins after another successful party. We've had 8 parties in a row at that park, and each one of them has had glorious weather!

After the party, Anna also got her new bike. Fortunately she loves it, and has already been on some long bike rides!


mr man said...

Looks like great fun, as usual. We were sad to miss it but glad the girls were able to talk.

The cake looks amazing.

I almost fell off my chair when I saw the kids: they look so grown up; it's hard to believe it's already been OVER a year since you all were here tripping over the frozen lake.

EdamameMommy said...

Wow I love it. She looks so mature. Maybe it's the tie and the earrings, I don't know, but she looks so so grown up. Life is good: new bike, sunshine, Anthony cake, themed party with thoughtful Jenn activities. Sorry we missed it!

get2eric said...

Looks like you had a great time. Nice cake, nice draught, nice earings.

Lisa said...

Wonderful post! Anna looks so grown up, I can't believe it. The cake looks perfect, as always! Cheers!

p.s. Today Ruby is wearing the "R" necklace Anna gave her. She still treasures it.

Emily said...

I love that Anna is really beaming in each of these photos! She really enjoyed her birthday.

And I'm glad I got to model the scarf. It was windy and a little cool, and your scarf was a welcome addition!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Emily, and the wind made my hair look like a puff ball!

Anna is really grown up and mature looking as opposed to last year - so eveyone who commented on her looking so much older is right. Our little Anna is growing into a sweet young girl!!

Love you, Anna,
your Nana