Monday, March 08, 2010

Oscar Party

Last night I had a small Oscar party.  This is something I always wanted to do, with movie themed food, and finally got around to it when they decided to up the best picture list up to 10.  We didn't have ballots or ball gowns or anything.  It was just my family and the two girls I go to Bollywood class with on Sunday evenings, sitting in our work-out clothes, discussing designer dresses and fancy hairdos.

Here was the menu:

Hurt Locker Salsa
Precious Fruit Salad
"My Elbow Hurts" Pasta Salad from Up
District 9 Prawns
Up in the Air Airline Peanuts
Serious Man Broccoli
Blind Side Baked Beans
An Education Brie and Baguette


Na'vi Blue Martinis from Avatar!

And hey, did anyone else think that crazy montage dance of movie themes was totally mismatched?  All that seriously energetic breakdancing to this lyrical music?  Like the winning theme to Up?  Dee dee dee dee...  In dudes wearing grey pants and red sweaters, a few girls in flowing grey dresses?  Like the choregrapher was thinking, 80s flash back! and the orchestrator was thinking, Night at the Pops! and the wardrobe person thinking, West Side Story!  We laughed a lot at that one, over our blue martinis.


Lisa said...

This was the first year in a long time that I didn't see ANY of the show. And I'm not at all sad about it. The Oscars just seem so irrelevant anymore.

Perhaps if I'd been emotionally invested in any of the films, I might feel differently.

Any time you can serve blue food or drink, I say go for it!

Emily said...

Sounds fun! Wish I had been there. It was SO late here on the East Coast. I only lasted until 11 and then had to go to bed.

Yes, the dance thing was weird.

Anonymous said...

Me, too, Emily - wish I had been there. As usual I sat and watched solo as your Dad just couldn't keep his eyes open.

You seem to be becoming quite the party hostess! Fun, fun, fun.
Love, M

Vetmommy said...

Lisa, Emily, Mommy, all of you would have been welcome fun at the party!

Sinda said...

I had my first Oscar party too! Only because someone asked me if I was going to, so I said, sure.

I didn't have the energy to come up with anything creative, PLUS I only saw one of the nominated movies, but I did make homemade mayo for the first time, to put in my homemade pimiento cheese. Yum. And of course, I made cocktails.

By the time the dancing part came along, I was in the kitchen cleaning up - it seemed totally missable.